Stellar Jewels

Stellar Jewels: Alison grew up in Wilmington, Delaware and graduated from Ithaca College, NY in Theater and Art. She later attended San Francisco State University and received a degree in Teaching. She enjoys her life on Maui, Hawaii and also travels the world to incorporate her collected stones and sea shells in Silver Handmade Jewelry.

The name Stellar Jewels was chosen for Alison’s awe of the celestial sky. Alison’s sister assisted her in coming up with the word “Stellar” which refers to “the best” translated in Hawaiian to mean, nō ka ‘oi — that is what she strives for in her jewelry line. Stellar Jewels and AWahl Designs can be found up the West Coast and throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

“There is nothing like a dark sky with the lights above creating wonderful constellations, planets and stars to make you know you are alive.”

Janet Davis, Maui painter

Selected Art Works by Stellar Jewels

Turnbull Fine Art Gallery and Studios on Maui, Hawaii

Stellar Jewels Artwork Inquiry

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