Maximillian is a self-taught abstract painter and experiential artist. A blessed resident of the magical island of Maui by way of Los Angeles. Maximillian realized at a very young age that he was a free spirit whose focus on leading a creative life was paramount. This idea led him to form a groundbreaking creative think-tank within the music and film industries. Major film studios and record companies have commissioned his “experiential art”, harnessing his unique creative vision to gain attention and promote some of Hollywood’s biggest films and the world’s most prolific music acts. He continues to blaze new artistic trails within both industries. 

Never one to rest in a single medium, Maximillian broadened his creative scope into abstract painting, where his heart feels at home. He celebrates life, complex human emotions, and energy through his use of color and texture. His work undulates within the mediums of acrylic, ink, and spray paint. He believes that his work should reflect the multi-layered aspects of us as human beings. As such, his pieces are riddled with levels of texture and imagery embedded within each painting, often granting the viewer a peek of an edge that is anxious to burst through. 

Maui artist, Maximillian

Selected Art Works by Maximillian

Turnbull Fine Art Gallery and Studios on Maui, Hawaii

Maximillian Artwork Inquiry

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