Lynne Rabe

Lynne Rabe: Lynne Rabe is a Maui artist who is known locally for her paintings of strong Island women. She has lived on Maui since 1999, working her day job to enable her to become a full-time painter and now this dream is in sight. She is President of the Kihei Arts Council working with artists like Margaret Bedell and Linda Whittemore. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections on Maui, as well as on the Mainland. She has been selected to be in several juried shows in Hawaii, as well as being featured in the 2018 Art Maui, and has won several awards. “Wine, Women and Song” are a constant theme as she throws paint on canvas, slashing and dripping to capture the mood of her, sometimes, nude models. A realistic portrait is secondary to color, line and mass and may be eliminated in favor of the expression. Lynne communicates honesty in her work that translates to the viewer as she shares her passion for art and her love of Maui.

Painting started in grade school where she remembers standing in front of an easel with a pallet of five colors to choose from. Since then, she has never stopped painting.

Her oils are a meeting of Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh. The vibrant colors adorn the figures in bold colorful strokes. Her color combinations are enlightening and energetic. Lynne’s favorite subjects of painting are live models of Polynesian descent. 

Selected Art Works by Lynne Rabe

Turnbull Fine Art Gallery and Studios on Maui, Hawaii

Lynne Rabe Artwork Inquiry

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