Jeanne Bitz

Raised in Alaska logging camps and rural Oregon, Jeanne Bitz’s life was inundated with adventure and nature. This wild and limitless upbringing is reflected in her art and her path to Maui. Each piece shows a drive for mastery of classical skill dancing with a disregard for confining rules and an interwoven belief that anything is possible. This presents in her carefully executed representationalism with abstract elements and impressionism often orchestrated together in one piece.

Jeanne received her training by traveling across the US to study under modern-day masters of each approach she desired to have at her fingertips. Mastering multiple disciplines and knowing when to break the rules so nothing stands between her and the painting she envisions allows her to reach out to the heart of the viewer with a distillation of the essence of a moment or emotion. Her greatest compliment is to touch the soul of her audience.

After living most of her life in Alaska and with no safety net, knowing no one in Hawaii, she moved as a single parent of four beautiful children to begin a new life in Maui. In Alaska, she was a celebrated and internationally collected painter and created numerous life-size bronze sculptures. Jeanne didn’t send these to a foundry as is traditional. She worked the entire process from beginning in clay to mold making in wax, finishing with pouring molten bronze and installing them in their current locations.

May you find adventure, peace, joy, and much Aloha in her artwork.

Janet Davis, Maui painter

Selected Art Works by Jeanne Bitz

Turnbull Fine Art Gallery and Studios on Maui, Hawaii

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