Christine Turnbull

Christine Turnbull has been surrounded and inspired by art her entire life. She can’t remember a time in her life without it’s influence. Rainy days in Seattle as a child roaming museums and galleries she often found herself enraptured in the story behind what she was seeing, always keenly aware of how it made her feel. Her love of nature and all things mysterious fueled her fire for inspiration in a myriad of materials. Christine found herself experimenting in sculpture 21 years ago after the birth of her first son.

She and her husband (also a sculptor) moved to Maui for a life of adventure and art. Christine took to studying figurative realism, finding freedom and ease in creating life-size portraiture. After discovering this unknown talent, she went on to sculpting several commissioned pieces for public and private venues.

“My intention while creating art is to capture the moment of an emotion, thought or movement that has meaning.” “At this time in my life I have been growing and changing as an artist and finding new satisfaction and desire in creating sculpture that is inspired by nature or tells a story with mixed media. I find an object, like a feather or a part of a clock and wrap a story around it, it’s a journey we all get to experience together when viewing the work. That is what I love about art, it takes you away from the outside world and quiets the mind. Like it has always done for me, I hope to create a calmness or bring forth an inspiration to the viewer.”

In over 20 years of being a sculptor, her public work can be seen at the Witte Museum and the DoSeum Museum in San Antonio, Texas. Imua Family Services in Kahului, Maui, The Will Smith Zoo school in San Antonio, Texas, the Charlie Naylor Recovery Center in Portland, Oregon all display public works of life-size children. On Front Street in downtown Lahaina, Maui you will find a bust of King Kamehameha III Christine was honorably selected to create in front of the oldest elementary school west of the Mississippi. She has created several private commissions throughout the United States as well. Christine resides on the island of Maui with her family and runs their own gallery studio in Kahakuloa.

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Heirloom Portraits by Christine Turnbull

Christine welcomes commissions and particularly enjoys making life-size portraits of children as family heirlooms. These sculptures can often be done by measuring your children and sending photographs. She says, “It’s my pleasure to capture a likeness of your child for you to capture the moment forever.”

Unique, One-of-a-Kind Sculptures by Christine Turnbull

Christine creates with bronze, clay, wood, and natural materials to create these original works of art. Many have been accepted in juried exhibitions, including Art Maui and the Schaefer Gallery Portrait Challenge.

Limited Edition Collectors Series

Christine has created a number of limited edition, bronze sculptures for her collectors. Choose from many sizes, subject matters, and moods.

Public Artworks

Christine has been commissioned to create several works of art for public installation.

King Kamehameha III Elementary School Public Art

It took a seven year campaign by Lahaina resident, Sammy Kadotani, to envision and realize this sculpture of the school’s namesake, King Kamehameha III (Keaweawe‘ula Kiwala‘o Kauikeaouli Kaleiopapa). Once selected for the project, Christine Turnbull created the statue during a seven to eight month period using one of three recognized images of King Kamehameha III that were available.

An excerpt from the May 22, 2014 Lahaina News article by Mark Vieth:
The king took the throne at the age of ten – the same age as fifth-graders at the school – but a school committee decided to portray him as an adult, during the time of his greatest achievements.

Clifton Akiyama assisted with the pedestal, Kimo Clark of Truth Excavation helped with a new sidewalk, Orrin Cross of Hula Grill assisted with cement, and Theo Morrison and Lahaina Restoration Foundation provided plaques that will educate residents and visitors about the school and king. In all, around 20 businesses and organizations supported the project, Kadotani said.

The king’s legacy includes, in 1840, creating free public schools in Hawaii and requiring all children to attend.

Turnbull Fine Art Gallery and Studios on Maui, Hawaii

Christine Turnbull Artwork Inquiry

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