Aaron Lloyd

Aaron Loyd: Aaron Loyd is a recent Maui transplant from California where he worked with fiberglass and foam, starting in the 1960s, becoming a surfboard shaper and surf photographer with Surfing and Surfer Magazine. Aaron began working with foam and fiberglass in the mid-sixties establishing his own surfboard label in 1968.

In 2001 he stepped out of professional photography taking a job with Al Merrick as a surfboard shaper.  During this time he seriously began pursuing fiberglass sculptures. His first fish was made in 2000 from a broken surfboard found on Banzai Beach in Oahu.

All pieces are constructed from recycled surfboard foam and fiberglass. Colors are pigments and tints, using a Puka shell for the eye, with every fish being uniquely different. These fantastical fish creations are now in collections all across the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean and here in Hawaii and have also been featured on the cover of CRE8 art magazine.

Janet Davis, Maui painter

Selected Art Works by Aaron Loyd

Turnbull Fine Art Gallery and Studios on Maui, Hawaii

Aaron Loyd Artwork Inquiry

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